Standard Chartered Half-Marathon Indonesia 2011

Run For A Reason

[EN] Standard Chartered Bank is organizing a half-marathon (21K) and a 10K run events in Ragunan, Jakarta on Sunday, 30th October 2011 with the theme: Run For A Reason. It’s a charity run to support Seeing is Believing, a global initiative to help tackle avoidable blindness. The initiative is a collaboration between Standard Chartered Bank and International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). Click here: Seeing is Believing, for more information on the initiative.

For the next event sponsored by Standard Chartered, click here: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

I took some photos of the runners which can be seen in the gallery below. Photos of you or your friends may be in the gallery. You are welcome to download your own or your friends’ photos for personal use. (You may not use them for commercial purposes without my consent).

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[ID] Standard Chartered Bank menyelenggarakan acara half-marathon (21K) dan 10K di Ragunan, Jakarta hari Minggu, tanggal 30th October 2011 dengan tema: Run For A Reason (yang dapat diartikan: Berlari Untuk Kebaikan). Acara tersebut diselenggarakan untuk mendukung program Seeing is Believing, inisiatif global untuk membantu dalam menghadapi masalah kebutaan yang dapat dihindari. Inisiatif tersebut adalah kolaborasi antara Standard Chartered Bank dan International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). Klik disini: Seeing is Believing, untuk informasi selanjutnya mengenai inisiatif tersebut.

Untuk melihat event selanjutnya yang disponsor oleh Standard Chartered, klik disini: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

Saya mengambil foto-foto dari pelari-pelari dan saya pasang digaleri dibawah ini. Foto-foto anda atau teman-teman anda mungkin ada didalam galeri tersebut. Silahkan mengunduh foto-foto anda atau teman-teman anda supaya dapat digunakan untuk keperluan pribadi. (Anda tidak diperkenankan menggunakan foto-foto tersebut untuk keperluan yang bersifat komersil kecuali dengan izin saya).

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One activity that people can do in Ragunan Zoo is taking a ride on a dinosaur. The ride takes you over a section of the zoo, over areas where people take picnics (and certainly not over wild animal areas! :) ).

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Right in the center of the zoo, there is this large status of a mother orangutan and her baby. I hope that the zoo will maintain its highest priority on orangutans as they are Indonesia’s Great Treasure.


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Fixie bikes, a trend that hits Jakarta. It’s interesting that these teenagers (see their photo below) arrange the bikes on the steps that way. Ragunan Zoo, early in the morning, is filled with a few people who can enjoy fresh air while taking a stroll, jogging or riding a bike. But as it gets to 9 o’clock, people are starting to stream in; and a couple of hours after that, it gets uncomfortably crowded like an ancient Baghdad bazaar (well … I’m exaggerating a bit, but I just don’t like it when there are many people everywhere).


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Save the Orangutan!

“I’m glad there is another shed here. Let me take a look at the view from this side.”, the orangutan thought. Orangutans are Indonesian national treasures. Ibu Ulla and her personal assistant, Barbara are two wonderful people who care about the orangutans. Read an article about them here. If you’d like to adopt an orangutan, [...]

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Orangutan on the Grass, Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta

“I like taking a stroll across the grass once in a while”, thought the orangutan, “Let me sit and watch those people watching me”.

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Crossing the Pole, Orangutan, Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta

“I like it here, high up!”, the orangutan thought, as he is crossing the pole, not noticing there is a bird perching on a small landing space below him.

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The Two Orangutans, Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta

So one climbs down, while the other starts to cross the pole. (Technorati token: JPWQKVCY7VX6)

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Bornean Orangutan, Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta

“It’s nice and cool up here”, thought the orangutan. Then it said to its friend, “I’m going down to the grass to get closer to those people. Are you coming?”. The friend said, “No, you go down. I’m staying up here. I’ll probably go to the other shed across the pole and admire the view [...]

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Orangutan, Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta

Ragunan Zoo is great if you come early in the morning in the weekend, like 6 or 7 o’clock. At that time, there aren’t many people and you can think of it as a city park. The entry fee is so cheap, only Rp 6,000 (around USD 60 cents). If you come after 8 o’clock, [...]

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